Featured Warranty & Service Plan Solutions

Municipality Sponsored Insured Residential Sewer Service Plan Program

American cities are facing serious infrastructure challenges. Inflow/infiltration is at a crisis stage in many cites. Defective private residential sewer lateral lines are a major contributor. Most jurisdictions lack the funds and/or legal authority to financially address the problem. The CPIA Insured Sewer Service Plan is the first, patent-pending, solution that not only provides up to $5,000 per year in emergency repair services to participating homeowners; CPIA allocates 30% of premium to an Environmental Rehabilitation Sewer Repair Grand Fund designed to systematically inspect and repair/reline/replace defective sewer laterals on a “No Cost” basis for participating homeowners.

CPIA offers the only program of its kind in the nation and is insured by an “A” rated insurance company. Fixing a clogged drain is not a solution to inflow/infiltration. A systematic, well-funded citywide initiative is the only long term solution. CPIA can facilitate the implementation of such a program in your community and help meet government compliance regulations, mandates and consent orders for I/I.

OEM, Power, Sustainable Energy and New Technology Insured Warranty & Extended Warranty Programs

CPIA has a long history of successful initiatives to assist manufacturers of solar, wind, power transmission and new high tech products in improving the marketability of their “New” Products or Services to increase market acceptance and to acquire new market share by improving their warranty and extended warranty coverage and taking the warranty risk of balance sheet in the process.

Having a rated insurance company stand behind a new product or a new company is of critical importance to the future financial success of a company in today’s very competitive environment. CPIA is one of the leading specialists in the country providing customized underwriting and product development for clients and insurance companies alike in the new technology marketplace.

If the warranty, extended warranty or insurance product you desire does not exist, CPIA will invent it for you and secure a quality insurer to underwrite the product.